Why Don 't Women Just Say What They Mean? Essays

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Men and women are different in their own way. These differences are noticeable in their speech too. It has been demonstrated by sociolinguists that women and men do not speak alike. One of the most intriguing questions is “Why don’t women just say what they mean?” Women use metaphors, analogies, nothing is spoken directly, questions are rhetoric and everything has multiple meanings. No wonder men have no clue what women expect from them. Women know how to introduce ideas and alternatives through the back door. Men are basic, women are details.Let us see a conversation between a girl friend and boy friend-
Girlfriend- Hi! “My sweet, charming cute honey pie. How are you baby?” Boy friend- “oh Hi! I’m fine. How are you doing?”
Girl friend- “oh baby. I’m not so good because I missed you a lot. Don’t you miss me?”
Boy friend- “Yah. I did.”
Girl friend- “You are looking extra handsome today. Although my cutie pie always looks attractive, but today you looking simply awesome.”
Boy friend- “Thank you.”
Girl friend- “only thanks? You did not say anything about my look. You didn’t even notice me. Right?”
Boy friend- “no, no. it’s not like that. I noticed you. You are looking good. “
Girl friend- “No. I know. You don’t love me anymore.”
From this conversation between a girl friend and boy friend indicates how male’s way of speaking differ from female. Women use more adjective than men do. Women talk more than men…

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