Essay about Why Do You Enjoy Scaring Away For Your Jalebi?

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"Hey girl, wanna be my jalebi (dessert)?"

"You filthy cannibal! You want to eat me? What is wrong with you?!"

Arya scrunched up her nose at the spiky-haired guy who had said the awful pick-up line and sped along. She clutched Anjali 's arm in case the creep attempted to . . . devour them. Spiky opened his mouth to explain, but Aarya turned her head the other way.

"Aarya, he was flirting," Anjali cajoled. "Why do you enjoy scaring away possible boyfriends?" she continued, clearly unimpressed by her sister 's response.

"I 'm sorry if I don 't find cannibals sufficient enough for me," Aarya muttered, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Her action didn 't execute the way she wanted it to, though. The silky hair stuck to her face, flying away in all directions as the wind. The TV show hair dresser department had said they 'll fix the girls ' hair once again before the shoot starts on the cruise. "Besides, why would they even find me attractive enough to flirt?"

"You 're rocking your all black outfit," Anjali praised sweetly.

"Thanks, I was trying to coordinate with the color of my soul," Aarya replied pleased.

Both of the sisters moved along the line, proceeding through the security and luggage checks. The guards guided them the path to the main cruise. The sponsors of this TV show aka Shaan 's swayamvadhu had plenty of money to spare on the girls. Apparently, once on the cruise, they were going to provide the girls with fresh new outfits, fresh food (more or less,…

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