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  • Indian Captivity Film Analysis

    Women Indian captivity narratives and films enlightens their audience about the tribulations and horrors women experienced when being held captive. One commonly read Indian captivity narrative was written by Mary Jemison and one commonly watched Indian captivity film named The Searchers was produced by John Ford. In the film The Searchers, little Debbie was taken captive by Indians. Ironically in Mary Jemison’s narrative she is also taken. Two women taken captive by Indians at such an early age with several things in common. Such as experiencing their family being slaughtered right before their eyes, adapting to the Indian customs and being forced to marry Indian men. In the end both are given their freedom but one elects to stay and live amongst…

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  • Creative Writing: A Fictional Narrative

    "Hey girl, wanna be my jalebi (dessert)?" "You filthy cannibal! You want to eat me? What is wrong with you?!" Arya scrunched up her nose at the spiky-haired guy who had said the awful pick-up line and sped along. She clutched Anjali 's arm in case the creep attempted to . . . devour them. Spiky opened his mouth to explain, but Aarya turned her head the other way. "Aarya, he was flirting," Anjali cajoled. "Why do you enjoy scaring away possible boyfriends?" she continued, clearly unimpressed…

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  • American Indians In The Film The Exiles By Kent Mackenzie

    illustrates the urban life of a group of young American Indians living in Los Angeles after urban relocation. They struggle to overcome many obstacles and try to survive in the city, yet they all hold their own visions for their city life. Many American Indians left the reserve, hoping to find a good job, a nice home and education for their children (Rocky Mountain PBS). However, when they arrived at the city, they found that everything they knew was gone and they felt lost in the city. Just…

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  • Effects Of Indian Film Industry On Rape And Violence In India

    Indian Film Industry promoting rape and violence The Indian film industry is one of the biggest film industries in the world, producing over 1200 films yearly in Hindi and many other regional languages (McCarthy). The film industry plays a substantial role in shaping the attitudes, perspectives, and social interactions in Indian society. Studies have shown there is a correlation between the behavior of people and the films watched (Huesmann). The growing obscenities in Indian films and the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Howard Zinn And Columbus

    comes to an end with a picture of Columbus lying on his deathbed, sick, and surrounded by friends, family, and priests. This ending makes readers sympathize for Columbus. It is sad and emotional to see a man being depicted as a national hero to die. The way Zinn ends his first chapter is also in a benevolent way, but with a dark undertone. Zinn discusses how Indian society worked and interacted with each other before the introduction of Europeans. Zinn tells how the Indian people were peaceful…

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  • Native American Struggles

    European exploration began with the desire for trade and to spread religion. Finding the Indians offered them the chance to do both. These people had never seen anything like the Europeans and were mostly receptive to new goods to trade, and were willing to listen to new religious ideas. No one was prepared for the Old diseases that the Europeans brought with them. Disease swept across the continent in the years of European settlement, paving the way for the European dream of controlling the…

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  • Inaccurate Indian Stories

    This picture of the Indians presents one aspect of their culture in which they might recognize themselves. This is a way of shaping identity or reputation, a good way but there is also a bad way. This happens when Indians confess that: “We didn’t begin that way. We haven’t always been entertainment” but due to the lies and deceit and their effects on the Indian people “we ceased being people and somehow became performers in an Aboriginal minstrel show for whites in North America” (King 68). In…

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  • Symbolism In Smoke Signals

    In a film directed by Chris Eyre, “Smoke Signals,” is the story of two Indian boys in a journey. At Idaho 's desolate Coeur d 'Alene Indian reservation, Victor and Thomas grew up together. They are not exactly friends, but they have a special connection that built up throughout the story. Victor Joseph is the stoic, athletic young man who is mostly ignored by others. On the other hand, Thomas Builds-the-Fire is the goofy, young man who is a true believer of spirits and he makes every effort to…

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  • Cultural Analysis Of Dances With Wolves

    mind of the tribes.” In the movie, there was several parts where they were celebrating and banging on drums. For example, after the big bison stampede they went back to their land at night and were celebrating and thanking John Dunbar for helping them catch the bison. They also showed the Natives giving Lt. Dunbar a bison blanket for helping them, and for what Dunbar gave them which was his jacket. Aside from that, they are also very family orientated; and they don’t have to be related for them…

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  • Character Analysis Of Smoke Signals

    is inquisitive and enjoys partaking in the oral tradition by incessantly delivering tales to anyone. While dead for most of the film, Arnold is pivotal character. As deeply troubled man, Arnold was an alcoholic and physically abused his wife and son despite the love he had for them. Coming in later in the film, Suzy Song is young Indian woman from a different tribe…

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