How To Break Up With You Essay

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It feels good to be love and to be loved in return by the person whom you are in love with. This is the reason people normally get into relationships. If you are in a relationship, you should show commitment, passion and intimacy to your partner. Everybody would like to be a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage. Remember that the ultimate goal of a relationship is to spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, this is not always the case. You can break up with your partner due to many reasons. Break ups can be very frustrating. You might be wondering why your guy broke up with you. The following are the reasons why he broke up with you:
1. Cheating.
Cheating is very detrimental to a relationship. No matter how a man loves a woman, in most cases he will leave his woman if he finds out that he is cheating on him. There are many reasons as to why probably you cheated on him. One of them could be the fact that he is not good in bed. Other reasons include: not providing for you and so on.
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If he discovers that you have been hiding something from him, he can break up with you. This is the reason you should always be honest to your partner. Tell him that truth no matter how painful it is.Remember that lies and deception do not build a relationship but rather they destroy a good relationship. Dishonesty is one of those reasons why he broke up with you.
3. Acted insecure.
It is good to be a jealous woman but if you do not moderate it, it might lead you to trouble. Men normally like to have their own freedom to mingle with friends and colleagues at work. However, if you are the type that acts insecure all the time, you will always be seeing as if he is cheating on you whenever he is away from you. A woman who acts insecure is a big turn off for a man.This could have greatly contributed to your break up.
4. Acted as if you do not

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