Why Do We Wear Clothes? Essay

1288 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever wondered who discovered the little things in the world . Little things like who created money , or last names , or even who discovered milk . Just think about it , the first person to go up to a cow , squeeze the utters and think to actually try it . Imagine it totally backfiring and the person dying because it was toxic . Often when I 'm out and shopping looking at clothing stores I come across asking myself the same question . Why do we wear clothes ? According to an archeologist named Aaron Deter-Wolf . "Skins and fiber rarely preserve in the archaeological record, so it 's difficult to get a bead on exactly when our ancestors started wearing clothes " , meaning there is no exact date and time humans began wearing clothes . He also states that the first human being migrated out of Africa to the east . Being that is got colder they needed things to cover their body with . We wear clothes for five reasons. Adornment, Identification, Status, Modesty and Protection . Adornment is statement pieces to outfits , like your shoes , your belt on a shirt or a pair of trousers . Identification is going to be uniforms , work uniforms , police uniforms a sailor uniform . Clothing that puts you with a group . Status are your designer things , Prada , Versace , Dior . Modesty is bathing suits , clothes that cover up explicit parts of the body and last Protection . Protection would be categorized as a firefighters uniform or football gear . A hat even to protect you from…

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