Why Do We Value Human Error Over Machine Error? Essay

791 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Autonomous technology has been slowly rising up in the market, beginning with automatic stop brakes to parking assists. The one thing were trying to advance to is full on automatic driving with no manual backing. Although this technology isn’t in the market yet, it will be in the near future. Although it’s the most anticipated piece of technology currently, questions are asked about liability issues, hacking, and ultimately sharing the road with them. One of the many issues revolving around self-driving cars is the question of safety. How much can we trust in computers to keep us safe? The main system that is used in self driving technology is a computer, and computers tend to have their moments of malfunction. For a piece of machinery that was created to make the roads safer, there has been much question over which people value more, human error or machinery error. Why do we value human error over machine error. It may be because we form connections with our drivers, you can’t connect emotionally with a computer. Most drivers earn the trust of the passengers by emotionally being connected with them. Usually the passengers of a car will the know the driver in some way. The only way people will trust self driving cars is if they learn to trust it (concumer reports). Google’s self driving project began six years ago and since hten have driven 1.7 million miles with the self driving vehicles and sometimes driven by their safety drivers. With over 20 of their vehicles on the…

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