Why Do We Do Research? Essay

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Good Research Paper
What is the purpose of research paper? Why do we do research? According to Bruce Ballenger in The Curious Writer, “The research essay is likely to encourage the habits of mind that encourage genuine inquiry and accepting ambiguity as a natural part of process” (393). The main reason for performing research is to answer questions that one has about the world. Then, when one has gathered all the need pieces of information, it is time to write a research paper, to present what one has learned in the most logical, coherent way, and to share the information to others. Research paper can be found in every aspect of life, from academic environment to work environment, and even in social life. Therefore, it should be written in the best manner. Good research paper provides exact and correct information in the clearest and most interesting way to help readers understand and widen their knowledge.
The most basic element for good research paper is to give out the correct information. Good research paper always tells the truth. Sources are used as evidences and supportive details for writer’s opinions. One has to make sure all the data, charts, and surveys he or she has found is credible and reliable, especially those which are found on the Internet. Giving out wrong information can cause misunderstanding. “No one looks over others’ shoulders to ensure that every contributor plays fair and tells the truth. It is possible for anyone with a peeve to post anything on…

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