Why Do Teenagers Commit Suicide Essay

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Suicide has become a major issue for youths all around the world, as it has taken the lives of many defeated adolescents who felt that death was the only solution to their problems. It has become the third leading cause of death for individuals who are between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five years old. In fact, one person from this age group commits suicide every sixteen minutes. There are numerous factors that make many teenagers want to end their lives. Specifically, the major causes that lead teenagers to attempt or commit suicide are bullying, personal issues, and mental illnesses.
There many emotional factors that can cause an adolescent to commit suicide, especially personal issues that they may be dealing with. All teenagers face challenges but some do not know how to deal with these problems and feel that suicide is the easy way out. Some of these issues may involve their personal history, which can include being sexually or physically abused, a traumatic experience, parental neglect, etc. The adolescent could also have a corrupt lifestyle that includes the misuse of drugs and alcohol. Another factor may be that the teenager is having financial problems. While some teenagers are strong and know how to deal with their challenges in a positive manner, others may struggle and go down a difficult path. In a CNN news article, it was revealed that a teenage girl committed suicide due to the fact that she was
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Suicide can be caused by emotional factors, specifically personal issues, and issues that are societal based, and also by psychological factors. Overall, teenage suicide is at an all-time high with adolescents in not only Canada, but nations all around the globe. In order to make positive changes in the world, it is essential that these individuals receive access to the help that they need to have their will to live

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