Why Do Humans Today Like Study Old Historical Types Of Texts Essay

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English Assignment - Speech

Why do humans today like to study old historical types of texts, in the english classroom? Well the reason for this is because all individuals like to investigate, explore, follow, pursue and understand what our world was like back then. The importance of these texts helps gather the world 's stories and experiences of the past. In recent years there has been a big deal of controversy surrounding the types of texts studied in Australia 's english classroom. This controversy has centred on arguments about the value of canonical texts versus the value of contemporary texts. So why do canonical texts have a bigger value on contemporary texts? Well I can tell you that, canonical texts have the unbelievable aesthetic literary technique and a incredible universal theme that has been produced by the writer. The authors skills produce an emphasises on energetic ideas and emotions towards the reader. These texts give the modern student valuable historical and cultural information providing a better understanding of what it was would like to live then versus what it is like now. Society back then lived a very simply life with the value of a minimal in comparison to today where the value of life is precious. So what is the real value of the ‘inspirational’ writers such as Shakespeare still have in the contemporary english classrooms? Hello and welcome my name is Mikaela Stark, a representative of Ryan Catholic College and this is an in depth look on why…

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