Abomination In Romeo And Juliet

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Falling in love is one of the sweetest things in the world, but, there is a time when we cannot fall in love with someone due to several hindrances in the way. The beautifully written tragic novel entitled Romeo and Juliet was written by the famous author William J. Shakespeare. It is about the two young lovers who fought in the name of love until their last breath as a result of the feud between their households. Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is like a mango growing in an apple tree on the 31st of February. It is absurd, impossible and nonviable because of the extreme conflict between their families. The Montague and Capulet’s are quarreling and hating each other for a long time. Eventually, this feud had affected many
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These young lovers did not see anything wrong about being in love. Even if they knew they were not supposed to be in a relationship, they still followed cupid’s call. They violated their parent’s rule to hate each other. Their intimacy led to their secret marriage with the permission of Friar Laurence hoping that it is the key to ending the feud between the two families. However, he knows that his actions will cause trouble in the future.“These violent delights have violent ends...Therefore love moderately. (Shakespeare, 133).” Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned. Juliet was forced to Marry Count Paris and her sought for a way to prevent it. She had fake her death and eventually, it came true when Romeo committed a suicide by drinking the potion when he received the devastating news that Juliet had died. Because of the intense love that the lovers felt to each other, they took their lives just to be with the other. They were victims of the quarrel. They only wanted to love unconditionally, but they were prohibited from doing it. Their parents are blind in giving love, and they only wanted to fight. They do not care about their children’s emotions. If they want something, it must be done and obeyed for they think that they are the one’s controlling their children and that they are always …show more content…
They have lost their precious gems, they ended their life because of what their parents want and not what they want because of the nonsense fight. The Capulet’s and Montague’s have realized that there were too many people who were affected by their brawl. Too many people who lost their lives including their children. Too many people who suffered and killed other people. After the death of their children, they reconciled. They made peace when it was too late. When the damage was already done and when they cannot bring the time back. It is because of their innocence to peace and their hearts like stones that drove everything. It is the reason why their children were gone forever and gone devastated. Besides, Romeo and Juliet will not die if their parents can just accept them. They are against to their relationship because if they know about it, they will be furious. They despise each other’s name for no valid reason. Thus, the death of the two young lovers taught them a life lesson that they will not succeed and be happy if their hearts are ruled by hatred and anger. Love is the sweetest thing in the world, but it could also be the worst thing. Romeo and Juliet died because they bravely fought for their love and because of the lack of love of their parents. The brawl delivered them to their graves. Their parents are to be blamed why they lost their children, and it is just

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