Frank Conroy Father

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Did you grow up without a father? For most people, the answer is no. However, thousands of children grow up every day without their dad physically or mentally being there for them. Frank Conroy, for instance, hardly even knew his father. He had only met him a few times and it was never enjoyable. The few times Frank did meet his dad, it usually ended with him trying to hind from him. Frank’s father was insane and lived in a mental hospital for a while. He left Frank, and his family, when Frank was only a toddler. The few times Frank’s dad did come back, he would chase Frank and his sister, Allison, making them fear for their lives. Because of this, Frank grew up not caring towards his father. Frank Conroy’s father was never physically there …show more content…
Every day, when he was around, he would always ask, “What lesson you on?” A simple question, however if it ended in an answer he did not like, he would begin yelling. His yelling was worse than anyone else. It would be as if he had mentally snapped and all reasoning with him became impossible. One time, while being homeschooled in eighth grade, he and I had made a deal because I was constantly behind in my work. He was being calm and nice at the time. He said that all I had to do was go down the grade sheet and do the tests and quizzes for that day. I asked if I had to do any of the actual work other than the studying for the quiz or test. He answered saying, “Do whatever you need to get this done.” The way that I had understood his response, as most probably would, is that I did not have to do the work as long I get the tests and quizzes done. After about a week of doing just tests and quizzes, I had a science quiz. I studied the information the quiz was on all day; I just could not comprehend it too well. My dad had just come home, and I thought I was ready for the quiz. I then asked him to dictate the quiz to me since my mom was outside talking to one of the neighbors. Once the quiz was over, I realized that I did not understand what I had been studying all day because I failed the quiz and my dad literally threw the book at me. After the quiz, my dad asked if I had anything else to do and I answered saying, “No, that was it for the day.” All I had to do was that one science quiz, according to the grade sheet. He then began to yell and tell me, “That wasn’t the deal!” and that I was not doing what I was meant to do. The entire time all I could think was that was the deal we agreed on; but since he was yelling, I could not talk. Usually after him yelling at me as he did, I would end up locking myself in the bathroom crying. However, after being homeschooled and having him

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