Why Did Venezuela Seek Independence From Spain? Essay

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The document I selected was authored by the Congress of Venezuela at the Federal Palace located in its capital of Caracas in 1811. The documents primary purpose as intended by the Congress was to declare independence from the Spanish Crown as a colony, and become its own state of institution. The question: Why did Venezuela seek independence from Spain? Or more specifically what made the loyal colonists favor this decision along with the rest of society or the lower class. The answer: Spain became too busy with internal conflicts to ensure and maintain its duties to its colonies as promised.
Primary Source
The invasion of the Spanish throne by the French at that time had become the main focus point. When the Bourbons took over they had other things in mind rather than upholding formerly made commitments to the Spanish colonies. This was very important because the colonies of Spain relied on this relationship. Their main point of interest was more about what the commodities Spain had over itself over what responsibilities they would have to take over in tending to the needs of the colony. This became very clear to the Congress of Venezuela, who now lived in fear of what would be of the colonies from that point on. Without the reinforcement of the Crown who would protect them? So it would have to be the responsibility of themselves to take over the duties of governing the colony of New Granada or what is today and after its independence be called Venezuela. The…

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