Civil War Confederacy Analysis

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This week we were given multiple documents that seem to come from three different people, they are Abraham Lincoln, a former slave, and Alexander H. Stephens. And were told to choose one of three possible questions to answer. The first question was how did Lincoln 's war aims differ from those of the ex-slave in the second document? The second question was for Stephens, why did the southern states secede and create the confederacy? How does this compare with the goals of Lincoln and the former slave? The third and final question was (War has been termed the continuation of politics by other means. Judging by these documents, what key political conflicts shaped the Civil War?
After reading the weekly readings, I chose to answer the second question,
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Stephens Talks about why the southern states secedes and create the confederacy. It seems that one of the reasons of why they did it is because of slavery. He talks about ideas that Jefferson and other leading political leaders of his time were wrong. That the ideas rested upon the assumption of equality of races, and that this was an error. This was talked about on the first page of the “Alexander H. Stephens, “cornerstone speech” . He talks about how the union was founded on the assumption of equality of races and the confederacy was founded on the exact opposite ideals. Which is seen when he says “our new government is founded upon exactly opposite idea.” When he says that “it was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew” he was talking about the southern states seceding from the …show more content…
African Americans should not only be free, but equal as well. An example to back up that he thought that African Americans not only should be free, but equal as well is when he talks about theirs white officers there should be black officers as well.
Abraham Lincoln and the unknown slave goals are similar as they both believe that the slaves should be free/ fight for freedom. But Lincoln goals are different to those held by the slave at least in the beginning as Abraham Lincoln cares more about the well-being of the union than the unknown slave does or he does at the start of the war.
Both Abraham and the unknown slaves goals are different to Alexander H Stephens / the confederacy goals as well as views by/ because the first two thought slaves should be free while the confederacy thought that Africans being slaves to a supper is natural and normal. The south thought the ideas of the founders were wrong. The south also believed that it was their right to own slaves and that the federal government didn’t have the right to end

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