Take Down The Confederate Hatred Analysis

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Evaluation of “Take Down the Confederate Flag, Symbol of Hatred”
By the NYTIMES Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the New York Times relentlessly depicts the Confederate flag as a symbol of hatred and unspeakable evils that was done to African-Americans during the civil war till present day. The board through this evaluation shows that the board uses strong ethical and pathos appeals throughout the entire editorial. They were also one sided throughout the entire essay.


The Boards main argument is that the flag symbolizes hate and that Governor Nikki Haley was right to force down the flag. The board strategically uses the tragedy of the “Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church” to effectively portray Governor Haley as a hero. This editorial is chocked-full of ethical reasons as to why we should not
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If you were from the south they appealed to your “pride” side and how it means so much to everyone. On the defense though if you are from the North the main argument and emotional appeal would be that it represents slavery and oppresion and all the terrible evils that were done to human beings so many years ago. That is really an ethical appeal and a moral appeal, ethical for the south and moral for anyone else. Those are the emotional appeals to this editorial.


The editorial on if we should or should not get ride of the southern confederate flag was a heavily emotional and extremly biased essay that creates a lot of contoversy. It lead to emotional, moral, and ethical appeals throughout the whole essay and it did not stop till the very end. It gave a very stong argument but also left some flaws, but it did leave the reader thinking and that was the whole goal of writing one of these, they effectivly got there point

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