Invasion Of Shanghai Essay

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The invasion of Shanghai lead to the Nanjing Massacre, which was also known as Nanking Massacre, and began in the end of 1937. This massacre involved the Chinese and the Japanese. Japanese forces killed around 300,000 Chinese people. The Japanese cruelty was incomparable,
There were numerous ways that the Japanese took advantage of the Nanjing citizens. One example is how a large number of girls and women were raped, which lead to another name for the Nanjing Massacre, “Rape of Nanjing”. Soldiers were on the lookout for women, then proceeded to raped, and killed them. There were also cases where a male family member would try and prevent them from being rape, and they would be automatically killed. This also related to the circumstances where men related to the women were being forced to rape them. There are many different views and
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The Japanese are the ones that are decelerating the overall look on this. Some of them just don’t want to own up to this huge massacre, so they are making it seem like it wasn’t as bad as it is really known to be. Many of the Japanese people are fine with talking about this event, but they are skeptical when asked and talking about certain things that happened during this time. One example could be the number of deaths, and most of the Japanese don’t admit to the actual number, they are indifferent about it. Nanjing massacre lead to many problems in China in the past, and even still to this day. This huge massacre also leads to the Second Sino-Japanese War, which was between China and Japan. The Japanese ended the massacre, but they still continued to destroy the Chinese capital. tell us that The relationship between these two groups will never be seen the same, after this large and brutal massacre. The aftermath of this massacre lead to many problems and devastations in the Nanking

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