Why Did China Discover America Essay

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Did the Chinese Discover America? The short answer is no, they did not discover America. There are many reasons as to why the Chinese didn’t discover America. Some of those include the fact that Native Americans were already settled there, Polynesians had already visited South America around 700 C.E, and Leif Erikson stumbled upon it in the 11th century. Even so other say from 1405 to 1433 the Ming Dynasty launched several voyages led by Zheng He, which included the voyage to America.

The first reason why the Chinese didn 't discover America is because Native Americans were already settled there. 60,000 years ago, our ancestors migrated out of Africa into other parts of the world. Some of these people crossed the Bering strait from Russia
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China’s world map was made in 1763 and drawn by Mo Yi Tong (China’s 1418 World Map) It is written on the map that this map was copied from a map that originated from 1418 in China. During that time Zheng He was already on his voyages going to India, the middle east, coast of Africa, and maybe even America if this map is true. The next clue that hints at the Chinese visiting the Americas is written in Zheng He’s accounts. In it he has written, “We have traversed more than one-hundred thousand li of immense water spaces…” (Did the Chinese Discover America? Video). One-hundred thousand li is about equal to about thirty thousand miles. “Thirty thousand miles is roughly the distance from the port of nanjing to the Americas, and back” (Did the Chinese Discover America? Video). If these accounts are true and nobody was able to mess with them than is also proof to show that China was indeed able to reach the Americas before Columbus. Also there have been submerged limestone blocks found by the Beijing Island in an L shaped formation (Did the Chinese Discover America? Video) Many scientists believe that the limestone blocks mean nothing and that they are just a product of mother nature. However Gavin Menzies has stated in the video that these submerged limestone blocks are not a product of mother nature and these blocks have been strategically placed by the Chinese when they visited the Americas. The reason for them to place these blocks as stated by Gavin Menzies is “so they could dock their boats on them” (Did the Chinese Discover America? Video). If these inferences are correct and true then

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