Why Deer Matter Essay

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Why Do Deer Matter?
Deer play an important role in our ecosystem. They live alongside other organisms in their natural habitats. As a synanthrope, deer are not only considered a keystone species in the forest environment, but also in human society. Deer population has many effects on the balance of our ecosystem including human and predator food sources, reproduction of plants and trees, and humanity.
Deer are a food source for humans and predator animals. Utilizing deer as a means of food is natural and common for humans to do, as it was considered one of the primary prey many years ago. For example, hunters such as my father, purchase a hunting license every year to participate in the sport of hunting; the meat harvested from the hunting of deer can be enjoyed by my family all year long. If the population of deer were fewer, many people would long for the luxury their meat gives us. Likewise, deer are a food source for many other animals. In our area, coyotes are especially known to feed on deer along with fox and birds. If deer became scarce, the balance of our ecosystem would be altered due to other species losing their food source.
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A lack of deer would definitely impact this great rite of passage from father to son and the knowledge of nature we have from hunting and harvesting deer. This, however, is regulated in order to protect the population of deer. A possible major problem that would impact human population as result from an overpopulation of deer is the abundance of auto accidents involving deer crossing the road. The fewer the deer, the less likely an accident would occur. Another problem deals with farmers and their crops. Deer are known to raid farms and gardens and strip corn stalks of their product therefore, an over population of deer would cause farmers to lose their crops. This is a serious nuisance to

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