Cyber Attacks And Hacking

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What happens when the air communication system fails and all the airplanes in the air receive misinformation? What happens when all the personal data of every single American is stolen? What happens when all the nuclear plants and the all atomic bombs control are taken by unknown individuals? What happens when all the government confidential documents are stolen without anyone notice them? Thinking about all these scenarios can remind us of sci-fi movies, but there is a good possibility that all or one of these scenarios might happen. American officials, as well as commercial giant companies, have already been the target of such numerous cyber-attacks either by external or internal Hackers. Thinking about all these possible cyber-attacks on …show more content…
Teaching "hacking" as a legitimate means of training students in how to protect a future employer 's data assets have been introduced into courses with increasing frequency. This requires building a cyber-army to use when needed to stay on top of the game and stay ahead of the competitors: Russian, Chinese, and Iranian. Army May Create Cyber Career Field for Civilians on the “” website, an official U.S. military website, report that the better marketing, attractive bonuses, and repayment of student loans might attract more cyber civilian workforce. (Vergun). The cyber security market is growing rapidly because of the increase in adoption of cyber security solutions, due to the increase in security breaches targeting enterprises. To bring up an entire cyber army, it is also important to motivate the white-collar hackers to work in favor and support of the government. “Pentagon Puzzle: How to Handle Hackers” in the Insight on the News, a well-recognized news channel, reported “ there are more than 2 million computers in use in the department. Last year, there were 23,662 "incidents," the vast majority of them the result of efforts by automated hacking programs that randomly scan for vulnerable sites”

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