Why Cooperative Engagement Is The Better Foreign Policy Strategy

1195 Words Jun 16th, 2016 null Page
Is cooperative engagement only an idealistic strategy or could it be the first step to a very effective foreign policy that leads other nations towards the goal of international peace and security? Issues like, climate change, infectious diseases, or economic crisis are problems that can reach beyond a state’s borders, yet they have the potential to cripple a nation. The world is facing a new type of war, one that is different than other wars in the history books. The United States’ new foreign policy strategy it will need to address the world in which we live today. This essay will validate why cooperative engagement is the better foreign policy strategy for the United States to adopt because worldwide problems need a united global response to address them.
First thing that needs to be defined is; what does a foreign policy consist of? A foreign policy consists of two foundational pillars; public diplomacy and military diplomacy. Public diplomacy is explained as "cultural programs.....these programs are used to transmit a certain message regarding a nations foreign policy, political aims, economic cooperation efforts or even touristic development. ' ' (Swistek, 2007) . The other pillar is military diplomacy, which must work in conjunction with public diplomacy to address international issues. Military forces, in the past, was a validation of power; the size and strength of a state’s military provided a ranking of what countries were most powerful. The purpose of armed…

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