Explain Why Children Work Essay

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Why Children Work? The work of children can be helpful to the child, family, and community. Paid and unpaid child labor can support the family or it can provide the child with money. It is possible for children to continue their education, to benefit economically and socially, and to contribute to family income if they work limited hours in non-abusive conditions. However, such ideal work conditions are unequally available throughout the world depending on the country’s culture, political stability, social values, and position within an emerging global economy. For example, children in poor countries contribute more to family income in paid and unpaid labor than children in wealthy countries. They are not the economic “burden” they have become in wealthy countries. Basically, poverty is the major reason for child labor. However, there are also several reasons why children work in their young ages. Below are some of them:
• Large families require a variety of incomes to
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But is it ethical to hire children as employees or worker? For instance in India, although government has banned child labor in the country, children in India still engaged in hazardous work resulting in the largest number of child labor in the world. The depth of poverty of family in India is the primary reason why children engaged in employment. In many circumstances, the families in India think there is no other way to survive rather than every member of the family contributes to the family’s income. On the other hand, many companies manufacture or engage with supplier partner companies in many developing countries. The reason is minimum wages in those countries are lower than in its home country. These companies need to compete with the competitors by producing low-price products. The lower wages of workers generate lower-price products; the lower-price products generate more

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