Why Are Serious Reportable Events Important? Health Care Organizations?

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Why are serious reportable events important and how is the government involved in SRE prevention? A serious reportable event is important, because it 's an event that happens in a health care organization that is a grievous medical error that shouldn 't happen. A serious reportable event usually only happen every five to ten years in a typical health care setting. The serious reportable event is important because they are devastating to the patient the event happens too. When a never event happens in a health care organization the event needs to be reported to The Joint Commission. The serious reportable events are important to health care organizations because they are preventable and that is they are under major pressure to eliminate never events. Medicaid and Medicare will no longer pay for events in a hospital that are preventable, so if a never event happens the health care organization will have to cover all costs associated with the never event (Agency, 2014).
The government is involved in serious reportable events by encouraging health care organizations to eliminate never events from occurring in their facilities. They are also encouraging the hospitals by making a serious reportable event an event that is not being reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid. So the government does not get involved in the reporting of serious reportable event or the investigation after a serious reportable event occurs but they do encourage the creation of policies and procedures…

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