Why Are Dental Hygiene? Essay

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Why do You Want to Work in Peoples Mouth’s ? When telling people what my major is they all tend to ask the same question. The question what is usually asked is, “why do you want to work in people 's mouth’s. My response to the question is that the career will give one the opportunity to help people become more confident with their smiles. The question is kind of misleading about the career. Dental hygienists have more tasks to do at the dental office other than being in people 's mouth’s.
My major is dental hygiene, because the career will educate others about the importance of taking care of their oral health. It is also a career for one to get with an associate degree. Last but not least, this career can also give one the ability to help someone better themselves by showing them the right way to take care of their teeth. Some people feel as if they would not like this career, because it requires one to operate in someone’s mouth. However, it may or may not be as bad as it sounds. Dental hygienists do work in people 's mouth’s, but they are helping other people lives and that is a good thing.
Dental hygienists are workers in the dental office. Most people tend to know them as people who cleans teeth. Even though, they clean teeth that is not the only task their jobs consist of. A typical day includes meetings, treating patients, and miscellaneous tasks such as equipment maintenance and inventory (Quint, RDH 2). Each day in their career is different, but it is…

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