Why Am I Attending College Essay

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Individuals that choose to not obtain a college level education limit their opportunities for financial gains and job growth. They are always is some financial trouble, or cannot find a decent job to sustain them economically. I do not want to go through life always in a constant financial battle. I am choosing to attend college because I want to further my education past the high school graduate level, gain a greater level of responsibility, and to build a foundation for a future career. By furthering education, I am pursuing the goal of working in a profession that will allow me to help others while providing a secure future for myself.
College is a pathway to help me become more knowledgeable and successful. Attending college right out of high school is a great way for me to learn new things that I am interested in studying. College is a daunting task for me to take on since I am just a senior in high school; however, it is a challenge that I am willing to tackle. Without a doubt, completing college and graduate school is the only road of success for me. College will not only assist me in furthering my studies and knowledge but will also help me to learn responsibility.
Responsibility is an important
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Without a certain level of higher education; I would not be able to live my life to its fullest potential. Unquestionably, a higher education level is extremely important to me. Choosing to attend college will develop increased levels of responsibility while also preparing a foundation for a potential career. It is proven that furthering one's education will boost the chances of living a financially stable life. Attending college will ultimately improve my responsibility and life skills. Life is nowhere near easy when you have to fend for yourself, nor is it easy when you have to put yourself through college. I aspire to travel a different path than some of my close and personal

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