Why Abortion Is Immoral, Operating Under The Assumption That The Moral Status Of The Fetus

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Don Marquis publishes his argument “Why Abortion Is Immoral” operating under the assumption that the moral status of the fetus stands or falls on the question of whether or not it is the sort of being whose life it is seriously wrong to take. He notes that he does not argue for cases that involved special situation pregnancies like implantation or those that threaten the life of the women, but only ‘most’ cases. His argument is a significant change from many other anti-abortion arguments because Marquis attempts to distance himself from the assumption that a fetus is a person. Instead, he uses what he titles the “future-like-ours” argument. This asserts that the wrongness of killing drives from the unproblematic assumption that killing you or me is prima facie wrong. Furthermore, the reason killing you or me is wrong is because, as victims of death, we would assume the greatest possible loss of any conceivable crime. That is the loss of our future; our future holds every activity, project, experience, and enjoyment that we will ever have. Marquis continues that the future of a fetus also contains a set of experiences, projects, and activities that are on par value with that of an adult human, which abortion would deprive the fetus of. Therefore, Marquis concludes, abortion is prima facie morally wrong.
Bonnie Steinbock published her argument “Why Most Abortions Are Not Wrong” as a critical response to the arguments presented by Marquis. Steinbock’s argues that a…

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