Essay on Why Abortion Is An Acceptable Medical Process

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Having a child is one of the most intimate experiences that a human being will experience in their lifetime. It is a very special process that beholds great responsibilities. Unfortunately, it can be unpredictable, even when certain measures are taken. No matter what precautions are taken, there is still a possibility of pregnancy. Due to the unpredictable nature, pregnancy may occur in situations where the mother or father are unable to take on the task of raising a child. There is a medical procedure that allows for the pregnancy to be negated by terminating the fetus early in the birthing process. This procedure is referred to as abortion. There is a large amount of controversy on whether this procedure violates moral laws, causing for strong opinions on both sides. In Valerie Tarico’s article, she does not effectively argue her stance on pro-abortion.
Throughout Valerie’s article, she provides a list of reasons on why she is against abortion. These reasons demonstrate Tarico’s 10 reasons on why abortion is an acceptable medical process. Of these reasons, she shines light on the well-being of the child. A few of her examples include allowing the parents to be prepared to raise a child by allowing them to wait until they are ready socially and financially to raise a child, instead of having an accidental pregnancy drag them, and the future of the child down. Also, babies can be born with diseases and genetic disorders. A great amount of these disorders are detectable…

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