Why A Business Is The Financial Aspect Essay

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Walking down a street in New York this summer there were a lot of bakeries that could be found. Going into those bakeries and seeing the people behind the counter put fire to an idea that has been bouncing around in my mind, “Having my own bakery.” Plenty of things go into starting and running a business. Ample time, effort, and money are going to be major components when it comes to trying to start it up. How should one go about opening a bakery and keep that bakery open and running?
Before trying to figure out what all goes into owning and starting a business, the pros and cons of doing so need to be looked at beforehand. Will the pros outweigh the cons, or will trying to open something be too much of a hassle? Even though owing a business seems like the best way to go, there is still going to be some disadvantages that comes along with it.
One of the biggest cons of starting a business is the financial aspect. This is going to be a large financial risk because a loan may have to be taken out. Opening a business is going to take plenty of devotion, a lot of time, and long hours. The income of the place maybe inconsistence in the beginning and it may seem like very little or nothing is coming in. A plethora of things need to be learned like filing and bookkeeping, general management, inventory control, production planning, and more. Strain also comes with this job, it comes with plenty of unpleasant tasks like firing and hiring certain people (Haiar).
Even though the cons…

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