Robert Herjavec: A Successful Entrepreneur

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Robert Herjavec As well seen robert is a famous person from the show shark tank but as well as being a successful person on tv he is also a very successful entrepreneur. Also being a success in the business world he is a success from another nation. After his father and escapee from a prison in zbjeg croatia came to halifax at a young age of 8 years old. After he made it to halifax his mother remembered she knew someone in toronto they went there and lived in their basement for 18 months. When they lived in zbjeg they used to live in farm like areas and they didn't need much they seemed like everyone else ,but once they came to america he realized that they were really poor compared to everyone else in north america. To start working herjavec …show more content…
As well as those herjavec tips he gave he also said that a business isn't easy to start either you need to have enough time and money to help and build your company you will spend a lot more time with your work other than friends and family. Herjavec also stated that those who wanna start a business and join the business world that you will have to be as comfortable at failing just as comfortable as being successful. You will need to be patient as if they throw you in the middle of a forest you will need to learn to adapt and as well learn the game fast. Also to start a business you will need to know and be knowledgeable on that field of work or business you start or are apart of. As in herjavec words you will need to learn your field good enough to be paid off of your knowledge. You will also need to know and stay just in one work of business you can mix things into the business unless you know that you can profit or already have a plan B to continue in the business world. As in making money and friends there will always be enemies who are trying to compete with you or trying to destroy you. The things you can do to these people you can outscale them or just magically ignore them and keep lowering prices you might lose money but soon the business will go out. Out of small businesses not many

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