Essay A Written Task For The Great Gatsby

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Rationale: Throughout the Great Gatsby novel, despite the extravagant parties that are held by Jay Gatsby in his mansion in particular, he is still remotely isolated from the public’s connection, as he remains to be recognized as a mysterious person. Since F.Scott Fitzgerald introduced Jay Gatsby as an isolated figure in the society throughout the novel, therefore the main objective of this written task is to introduce the true identity behind Jay Gatsby to the society and public. In-order to accomplish this task, I will be writing a written task based on Jay-Gatsby’s statement to a press conference where he will declare his true background stories and identity to the society as a whole. This type of text will allow me to explore my creativity …show more content…
“Now let me begin,“ Gatsby said “I was born in a poor impoverished childhood in rural North Dakota, just located in Midwest of America. How I got wealthy was intricate however, I am willing to share this with you, as I will unveil my true self. When I turned 17 in age, I became so exhausted of the impoverished lifestyle that I have adopted for years. The concept of being poor, penniless and moneyless is despicable. Hence, I have decided to flee away far from my home to run far away, which is my only option to forget about the past. From that point on, I ended up in a very small town located in Minnesota. That time, I recall, all I had were just my clothes and a small change of money. I was so hungry that all I could afford was just a bottle of water that is enough to keep me going. I resided at night in the streets of the city lonely and with no shelter at all. All I ever wanted was the desire find a better …show more content…
Then abruptly, a news reporter intervened and said, “Is it possible to know who that mysterious lady is?” The crows roared with bragging requests. Gatsby halted and gazed at the crowds confusingly. “Her name was Daisy Gatsby” “Daisy Gatsby? the crowd fired back with amaze. “It’s absurd! Not once we heard such name before in this city. It is only Daisy Butchanan that we are aware of. Gatsby’s facial expression went furious as if he had killed a person before. Her name is Daisy Gatsby!, the Butchanans had nothing to do with this! Gatsby said with an affirmative voice. He continued, “Will you please excuse me, this will be the end of my announcement for the press, I have another important meeting to be. Without listening to the guest’s demands for further inquiries on Jay Gatsby, Gatsby stood up and left the press in a swiftly manner, escorted by his very own entourage.
Left astonished and perplexed, all of the guests inside the room hastily rushed out after Gatsby. By that time it was already too late, Gatsby has vanished into the road in his Rolls

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