Who 's Blame For A Fault Or Wrong Essay examples

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Who’s to blame?
Blame. To assign responsibility for a fault or wrong. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many of the tragedies and deaths that occur are very controversial. Most of the deaths in the play can be argued in many ways, but one character that is definitely to blame for a lot of deaths is Hamlet. Hamlet is the tragic hero in the play and although his plan was only to kill Claudius he ended up taking out a lot of other characters along the way. Three major deaths that were directly Hamlet’s fault were Ophelia’s and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s. It is often thought that a lot of the deaths in the play had nothing to do with Hamlet. This stance fails to consider that although Hamlet didn’t directly cause all of the deaths in the play, he played a major role in their deaths in some way. It is very clear that Hamlet is responsible for both Ophelia’s and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s death, as well as many other characters in the play.
One death that Hamlet caused that wasn’t done by his hand was Ophelia’s. By killing her father Polonius, he drove her completely mad until she was so mentally degraded she took her own life. Not long after Hamlet kills Polonius Ophelia is spouting off nonsense and is obviously not in a healthy state of mind. Out of nowhere in a conversation with Gertrude Ophelia starts singing, “How should I your true love know / From another one? / By his cockle hat and staff / And his scandal shoon” (IV.v.23-26). Gertrude responds to this with, “Alas sweet…

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