Who Was Responsible For The Holocaust Essay

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The Nazi Organization were completely responsible for the Holocaust because the members in the organization wanted the Jewish to vanish from their society and eventually conducted a plan to kill them. An example that shows that Germans were responsible for the Holocaust can be found in a newspaper article made by the Nazis. This newspaper was edited by Julius Streicher and was written in Germany in 1935. This article stated that Jewish people were evil monsters that were engaged in cannibalism of Christians. That they are not to be protected because the Jewish monsters are hurting the innocent German citizens. This example proves the Germans were fully responsible for the Holocaust because this newspaper was made by the Nazis who controlled Germany and …show more content…
The point of view was to inform people about important historic events. The main points of this document were that Hitler’s Youth was a program made by the Nazi government that taught German male minors strictly about Hitler and his beliefs. Children were raised up to follow Hitler and him only. This example proves that members of the Nazi organizations were responsible for the Holocaust because the government wanted to manipulate kids at a young age so when the kids gradually get older they’ll become fully loyal to their country and their leader. The program taught things what Hitler strongly believed, especially his hate towards the Jewish race. Due to this action, it influenced the younger generation into absorbing the claim that Jewish people are evil and other stigmas which made them believe it was right to harm the Jewish people. This shows that the members of the Hitler Youth were responsible because the members were essentially learning how to become a soldier by doing military athletics and were engaging in activities that will teach them how to kill their enemies, which were the Jewish

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