Essay about Who Should Pay For My Medical Care?

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Who Should Pay For My Medical Care?

Many different ideas came to my mind when I first asked myself this question. Should it be the government’s job to care of its own citizens? Or should responsibility fall on insurance companies with their outrageous premiums? I tend to have a very humanistic and individualistic view on the issues that plague our country. I believe that healthcare should be the responsibility of everybody, as the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. Not only that but I believe that seeking medical help or advice should be affordable to every citizen on any income. Now I realize that some of these ideas do have many holes in the general idea and background and that we don’t live in a perfect world. So I began researching other countries healthcare systems, since I think most U.S. citizens would tend to agree, that our system is flawed. One countries systems that stood out to me more than others was Germanys.
In Germany all citizens must have health insurance, which they purchase from private, nonprofit funds. There are about two hundred of these plans to choose from and none of them are allowed to deny coverage for any pre-existing condition. The dependents of those under these plans are covered free of charge as well. To finance this system, Germany’s citizens pay eight percent of their salary into a sickness fund, and what’s even better is that their employers must match that as well. “Responsibilities in the German health system follow the…

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