Essay on Who Is The Tragic Hero Of Antigone?

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Who is the tragic hero of Antigone?
When the word. ‘Tragic hero’ is mentioned, many individuals visualize a tragic hero as a character whom plays the role of both a victim and as a hero of a plot of the story. Occacionately, others view a tragic hero as someone who derives from being a main hero, or main character, to being the compassionate victim. The tragic hero of Sophocles Antigone, was Creon. Creon was a very headstrong and arrogant man who would never take advice from anyone and would always rely on his own beliefs no matter what. This makes him the tragic hero because his hubris character leads him to a downfall circumstance. In the other hand, it’s more humane kind to believe that in this story, Antigone should have been the overall tragic hero. Antigone seems to be the tragic hero because she does not seem to have the support of no one, not even her only sister; Ismene.
Creon’s tragic flaw causes his own downfall because he does not want to listen to anyone around, believing that everything that he says and does his correct. Unfortunately, he does not realize how much of his hubris character has interfere with his problems, until Theresia’s prophecy. “Whatever you say, you will not change my will.” (pg.: 80,75) In other words, this shows that Creon’s character goes through Hamartia, which is an error based on ignorance. In this case, Creon suffers from Hamartia because he listens to himself, instead of listening to the morals of the Gods.
Meanwhile, Antigone is…

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