Who Is The Servant Leader? Essay

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Some credit Chick-fil-A’s success to the delicious incomparable crispy chicken breast embedded in between two pieces of buttered bread, the always fresh, perfectly seasoned waffle fries, freshly squeezed lemonade or maybe even the old-fashioned hand spun shakes. Those items are a key part of the company’s success, but without a superb leader, the company would not have succeeded - nor would it have grown to what it is today. Today, CEO Dan Cathy, son of founder, Trudy Cathy, leads Chick-fil-A.

Dan Cathy’s leadership skills are unconventional and differ from most. Cathy leads under the Servant Leadership values. Servant leadership involves a CEO or company owner’s decision to attain success for the company and its employees by putting them first, expecting employees to put customers first, and together creating a harmonious entity by having the mindset of self-sacrifice. Servant Leadership begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve and then a conscious decision to aspire to become a leader. A servant-leader focuses mostly on the well being of people, often in stark contrast to traditional leadership, which involves execution of power solely by the person appointed to be in charge.

Cathy believes there are several characteristics that every leader should embody. These include mental capacity, emotional focus, physical fitness, and spiritual growth. Cathy suggests leaders should always seek knowledge, be willing to research, and be dedicated to ongoing learning.…

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