Who Is The Most Influential Person? Essay example

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There is nothing like home, home is where you go everyday to get away from reality. His parents and home is from where Randy learned hard work and got his imagination. Randy 's parents taught him the fundamentals of life. His dad might have been the most influential person in his life because Randy remarked and told so much stories that his dad told him before. Also his mom because of the way she treated and the way she cared for him. The setting of the book is Randys home as a child, without a household and parents like Randy, his life wouldn 't be the same in the future. Randy was an intelligent, creative, helpful, kind, and meaningful person that people admired because of what he learned in his childhood home.
Randy’s home is sacred to him, he has so many valuable memories from his childhood. All those memories have helped him in his life, from the amount of times he’s quoted his dad. “Never make a decision until you have to.”(Pausch, 23) Randy has stuck by this quote from his dad because it teaches him to not do something naive in life. When he is ready and has looked at all the possible outcomes of a situation, that is when he should be making a decision, Another quote that Randy still uses of his dads is “Just because you’re in the driver’s seat, he’d say, doesn’t mean you have to run people over”(Pausch, 23) This quote has lots of meaning because Randy knew that he always had to play by the rules. He knew he could never just take control of everything because he…

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