Who Is The Most Important Parts Of My Life? Essay

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Who’s in My Corner?
I consider friendship to be one of the most important parts of my life. For me it can be a person that makes me feel a combination of things that leave me feeling content with my own life. True friendship is unconditional. It is when I care for a person no matter what faults and failings they might have, and they treat me the same way. I need to have an array of different people in my life, not essentially just to make me happy, but because not one person can satisfy all the things I need out of a friendship. The main link that all of my different types of friends share is that they all remain loyal to me at the end of the day. All of my friends are loyal, not only to me but to each other, no matter what happens to us in our relationship.
My favorite friends are the ones who are practically my family. I never really had many family members who I could consider friends because my mother kept me around her friends, who were barren, so I basically grew up faster than I expected. Even if I had the pleasure of being around my cousins I was either the baby or in the middle, so nobody was really available for playtime with me. My sister and I are 14 and ½ years apart, and my cousins are all out of college living their lives or just being born within the last 10 years. Now for me, I never had the luxury of friends turning into family until the last few years of high school, but I must say these last three years have been the best years of my life. Being able to…

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