Essay About Friendship In Of Mice And Men

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Have you ever had best friends? Do you know what true friendship is? We all have many friends, but we only have a few best friends. We help each other and we are beside our best friends when they need us sometimes. However, having a friend is even more than a best friend; indeed, they are like brothers or sisters to us. Such relationships are not easy to have. Especially, the true friendship between two men is rare and valuable. The friendship between George and Lennie in the story “Of Mice And Men“ by John Steinbeck is worthwhile for that reason. I find George admirable for his patience that he is still side-by-side with Lennie, no matter what he did.
John Steinbeck 's “Of Mice and Men“ is about what a dream means. The two main characters
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There is more to him than a smart mouth and quick brain: he may not show it much, but George is a caring man. To comfort Lennie, he always tells him stories about their dream. This is especially hard because Lennie is challenging. His slow brain sometimes drives George crazy, but despite all the challenges, he still looks after Lennie as much as possible. When Lennie was threatened by Curly, George was the only one who protected Lennie. He protects and takes care of Lennie as if Lennie is his own brother. This is unusual between two men who are just friends. That makes me admire …show more content…
When George kills Lennie, it 's a kind of mercy killing. This character shows his strong sense of justice at that moment. If he had let Lennie alive and they escaped from the ranch, it would have been more trouble for them. Lennie would get them from problems to other problems. For example, the first time Lennie messed up with a girl, he wanted to touch her dress but she thought he would rape her. To have George and Lennie beaten, all the men in that town sought for them. Then the second time is when Lennie was killed for accidentally killing Curly’s wife. George knew that Lennie would make more mistakes in every workplace. It could have been worse if George hadn’t shot Lennie. Lennie would make more trouble. Because of the two terrible things he had done, nothing to be sure that he wouldn’t do more. When Lennie got in trouble, George thinks about the best way to solve it clearly. He thinks about how Lennie would be hanged in front of everyone. There are not many workers on the ranch who have a conscious mind like him. I think George did the right thing for Lennie and also for him. Because he has a conscious mind, he knows what a true friendship means. For that reason, George is an admirable

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