Essay about Who Is The Leader?

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1. The leader chooses to go against stated practices or procedures.
This particular factor stood out as the most intentional and the one factor that the leader is fully aware of his methods. In this case, the leader is choosing to make a decision that he or she is fully aware of going against the organization’s practices and that why I selected it as number one.

2. The leader lacks the experience/knowledge to deal with the task at hand.
This is a factor that I feel I am currently experiencing in my library system with some of the recent changes and shuffling around of staff in different departments; there are just simply people who cannot perform the expected tasks and they should not be in those positions that expect them to do so. This is a factor that greatly affects the organization and the individual should be removed, or at least put in a position that better suits their skills.

3. The goal or task becomes less certain for external or internal reasons.
I made this factor at number three because of the internal reasons part; the leader has to be aware of all situations occurring in their organization. They need to notice when things start to slack or change, and they must immediately start making amends to avoid failure.

4. The leader inadvertently goes against stated practices or procedures.
In this factor, the actions are accidental, but at the same time, the leader should be aware of expected practices and procedures regardless. There can only be so much…

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