Essay on Who Is The Leader And Selfless Service?

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Introduction Today’s leaders are typically charged with tremendous levels of responsibilities, which can at times become overwhelming. For this reason, it is important for leaders to focus on building resiliency within themselves and their employees to help cope with everyday life stressors. Jesus Christ was the ultimate resilient leader and we all can benefit from using Him as our role model as we strive to build resiliency (Dees, 2014). The three most important concepts that the group chose from chapters one and two of Major General (retired) Robert Dees’ book Resilient Leaders are selfless leadership / selfless service, risk management, and crisis defines the character of a leader.
Group Consensus
1. Selfless Leadership / Selfless Service
2. Risk Management
3. Crises Defines a Leader’s Character
Biblical Integration The group’s chosen concepts were considered important for walking in biblical truths because each of these concepts are discussed numerous times throughout the Bible. First, when it comes to selfless leadership and selfless service; Jesus Christ is the epitome of a selfless leader and it is well documented throughout the Bible. A Biblical passage that comes to mind to confirm this statement is Mark 10:45 which reads, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many” (ESV). This passage shows that Jesus is the ultimate selfless servant and He sacrificed His own life to save the…

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