Who Is The Elderly? Essay

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Everyone comes from somewhere, believes in something, or ultimately becomes who they are based on certain characteristics. When we focus on a particular group in society, especially their behaviors and beliefs, we are looking at someone’s culture. Culture can be defined as the “Behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group”. With that said, I decided in the last week to center in on one culture specifically, the elderly. We all consider someone an elder if they are somewhat old or getting up near that old age. With Florida being one of the most popular retirement locations, elderly people are everywhere; however there is so much more than meets the eye. Elderly people are viewed and valued very differently in many different cultures, they are either important influential, people or not, it all depends where you are living and what you believe. I experienced a sorority group that involved elderly women from the ages of sixty two and up. This group gathers two times a month, bringing together women from every background and culture imaginable to socialize, interact, and connect. There are thirty one members and I happened to involve and observe two different gatherings. These women spend their time together in meetings, events, and lunches. It was a very intriguing assignment for me, because I never truly notice the impact the elderly can and does make on society. It was quite different being involved in a group that was so…

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