Essay about Who Is The Black Sheep Of Her Family?

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This film involves a daughter that is the black sheep of her family but is having her whole family over for Thanksgiving in New York City. One of April challenges is that she doesn’t know how to cook. The mother Joy has cancer and is dying and is trying to re-connect with her daughter April. Which seem’s to be weight on her chest since she has never had a good connection with her oldest daughter? This family dynamic is complicated in the way that they all have a different way’s in coping how their mother illness. I , too, have had an encounter like April with my own Thanksgiving dinner. I Thought at the time: how hard could making dinner for Thanksgiving really be. What a surprise I was in for. As if making dinner for your whole family isn 't difficult until you have to decorate your home as well. April is the rebelled one of her family. She has tattoos, piercings but never the, less didn’t have a good eye for picking boyfriends. However some of the inconvenience April ran into was her stove braking down. April was obligated to ask her neighbors in her apartment if she could cook the turkey on their stove. April obstacle’s which were good and bad. April got to meet some good and bad neighbors. Such as Evette and Eugene the African American couple that helped April cook her turkey until 10 o’clock which they also helped her make homemade cranberry sauce. All these were obstacles that April had to overcome. Which I can relate too Apr it’s not always easy for April…

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