Who Is The Bear In The Call Of The Wild

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Personality is usually revealed by a person’s thoughts and actions. In the stories Call of the Wild and “To Build a Fire,” both by Jack London, and Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen, the main characters’ personalities are revealed by their thoughts and actions. The personalities of the main characters in each of these stories are quite similar because they think and act similarly. In Brian’s Winter, Brian believes that he and the bears have an understanding to leave each other alone, although the bears are unaware that it was an agreement. “[A]nd this thinking evolved into what Brian thought of as an understanding between him and the bears…”(Paulsen Par. 3). Brian is naïve and asinine to believe that a primitive animal such as a bear has the capability to understand an agreement such as the one he believes they have made. When the bear goes into Brian’s camp, Brian makes the idiotic decision to kick the bear. “Brian pulled back a foot. “Hey- get out of there!” he yelled, and kicked the bear in the rear.” (Paulsen Par. 11). Brian’s belief about the agreement between he and the bears and the action of kicking the bear reveal that his personality is naïve, ignorant, and asinine. In Call of the Wild, Buck doesn’t know where the other dogs are or how to keep cold, so he aimlessly searches for them, and …show more content…
The cold doesn’t concern the man because he is naïve and without imagination. “[T]he tremendous cold… made no impression on the man.” (London Par. 3) Also, the man was unprepared for his journey through the piercing cold, which is quite a dilemma for him. He doesn’t take the advice he was given to never travel alone when it is fifty below zero, and because of this, the cold kills him. When the man goes out traveling unprepared and alone when it’s seventy-five below zero after he is told not to, his apathetic and naïve personality is

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