Buck Vs Mom Essay

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Buck vs Mom

Everybody everywhere has gone through many problems in life, right? Well, in Call of The Wild, Buck has been moving to different places and every place ends up with a problem that includes him. Also, my mom has gone through terrible times and she needed to find a way to get through them. For Buck and my mom, they have gone through a lot over year and they always have a problem that they need to get through. Then after a while, they found a way to solve it with a little help from a special someone. I know that people everywhere around the world have gone through many problems in life and have found a way to resolve them.
Buck has had a few bumps on the road of life. First, he gets beaten badly by a club and his owner is the one
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He tried to stay strong and to stay up on his feet but failed. So, after his beating he was sold by his owner and was on his way to the new world. Next, he was with his new two owners, Perrault and Francois. and his first dog sled team. I can’t really remember how many total dogs were on the team but there was a lot. There was a cruel leader named Spitz and he enjoyed being top dog. Whatever Spitz wanted, he would get it in a heartbeat. All the dogs were scared of him, including Buck and his new friend Curly. One day, there was a fight going on between Curly and Spitz. Buck was terrified to see what would happen to her. When he saw Curly fall to the ground, that’s when he knew that Curly was defeated and was dead. Buck didn’t know what to do at that point. He felt lost and scared. Last is when he found an owner who truly loved him. Buck first knew it when he saved Buck from dying. …show more content…
They both had a life changing problem that included them in it and that is why they had to get through them, but in different ways. Buck had John Thornton who made him feel safe and wanted. My mother had my brother, my dad, and me to guide her and to make her feel better. After John’s death, Buck thought that he had another problem on his hands. That’s when he heard the call and went for it. Then, at that moment he felt like all of his problems were left behind. For my mother, she had all the people who care about her and they all made her feel happy again. Soon, the two of them were back to themselves even though they knew that more problems were on the

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