Who Is Legally Legal Consent For Treatment? Essay

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Who is legally able to give informed consent for treatment? Informed consent, statute C.R.S. § 27-10.5-102(1), Treating adults, informed consent should be given in writing, voluntarily.

Authorized representative in statute C.R.S. § 25.5-10-202(1), Is the person designated by the person receiving services.

Voluntary applications for mental health services in statute C.R.S. § 27-65-103(2) allows a minor at who is 15 years of age may consent for mental health treatment with or without parents’ consent. Any adult over the age of 18 years old who can make informed intellectual decisions regarding their personal welfare.

Any authorized representative designated by the individual seeking or requiring treatment.

In the state of Colorado, a minor at the age of 15 is capable of authorizing consent for mental health treatment without their parents’ consent.
Who is not? Inability to give consent, (American Counseling Association, 2014, (ACA) (A.2.d.); (B.5) Clients Lacking Capacity to Give Informed Consent, (B.5.a.) Responsibility to Clients. The people who not allowed to consent to treatment are, minors, incapacitated adults, other individuals unable to give voluntary consent.

Section #2:
The client 's right to access their files.
Does the client have the right to access their record/chart/files? Patient records in custody of individual health care
Providers in statute, C.R.S. § 25-1-802. Yes, Clients receiving mental health counseling are allowed…

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