Who Is A Man? Essay

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What do i need to do to become a man? It 's a question that all young men throughout history have asked themselves. For me it 's been a little different than what others may say, because my parents were divorced when i was really young so although I have a great relationship with my father (whom most men learn how to be a man from). I spent less time with him so I learned alot from outside sources such as my mother, clubs, sports, and other family. I also believe that most if not all that i say applies to both men and women. These are just some things I try to do even if I don 't always do them.
One thing i think most people would agree upon to being an adult is just to basically be able to financially support yourself and it 's true that some people may not be capible of doing this but i believe you should try as hard as you can to do so. i can 't think of any specific place i learned it from but i think it 's just been the attitude growing up that you shouldn 't mooch of other people as well as not rely on them for your support. Three things that I feel go very close together in adulthood are: making the most of what you have, keep moving forward, and always give your best effort. Making the most of what i have comes from me not always being able to get what i want. But to go along with that i learned that if you work hard you can earn just about anything that you could want. Also this taught me that sometimes it 's ok to just go without and sometimes it makes me better…

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