Do People Deserve Capital Punishment

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Do people who get the death penalty deserve death? Does anyone deserve death? Most people say “no one deserves to die”. I disagree with that statement. I believe in an eye for an eye, if you kill you deserve to have the possibility of being legally killed. One of the most extreme cases of homicide would be Adolf Hitler and the 11,283,000 people he killed (internet source) in the holocaust. Saying someone like that doesn’t deserve to be put their death would just be preposterous. However, I’m talking about just normal murder; a man getting mad at his wife and killing her. I believe he should be put through a due process trial and if found guilty, be sent to death row.

People who murder for fun and out of anger have no place in society, so a lot
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You’re always going to have the extremes, the people who kill and don’t care about the consequence, and the people who kill for sport. But what about the people who care about the consequence but just don’t think they will get caught. If more murderers were given the death penalty I believe less people would murder; instead of giving homeboy from the hood 20 years for gunning down another homeboy in a bad drug deal, give him the chair and I bet more people would think twice before pulling that trigger. The average time spent in prison for murder is 19 years (internet source). When you think about someone only having to do 19 years because they deprived another human being of their life doesn’t it make you sick? Little Jimmy is playing on the swing set at the local park when some thugs do a drive by; little Jimmy never gets to live his full life but the shooter is out in 19 years. Where is the justice in that? If you kill you should have every right to be killed. 19 years doesn’t scare people but I guarantee the death penalty would make them think for a while before they did something to take a life of

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