Who Are The Police Essay

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Who are the police?
“According to policing scholar James Fyfe, ‘It is virtually impossible to derive a…succinct and comprehensive statement of the police role’ The reason for this difficulty is a broad, vague, and impermanent mandate for policing…Peter Manning discussed two aspects of a mandate for policing: (1) ‘a series of tasks and associated attitude and values that set apart a specialized occupational group from all the others,’ and (2) ‘the right to define the proper conduct of others towards matters concerned with the work’…A mandate may also be considered the principle justification for an organization’s existence…In other words, a mandate is the license or right to engage in particular tasks and activities that others may not” (Alpert, Dunham, and Stroshine, p. 12-13). In my person opinion police are those who protect and serve our communities and the have many duties which I will discuss is question 3. They also, are people who are criticized the most even when their conduct is appropriate.

In my personal opinion police are those who protect and serve our communities. They have many duties that can range from criminal investigations to helping to make their community a better place. What I mean
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People believe they spend all their time controlling crime when that is not the reality of police work. “The reality is they cannot control crime…Most of the etiological factors involved in crime—gender, age, employment status, income, and education levels—are outside the control of police and the criminal justice system…The overwhelming majority of police time is spent assisting citizens who have problems not related to crime…The major crime control activities of the police—preventative patrol, rapid response to crimes, and follow-up investigations of crimes by detectives—have consistently proved ineffective” (Alpert, Dunham, and Stroshine, pp.

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