Essay about Whistle Blowing in a Government or Business

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Whistle Blowing in Government or in a Business

To speak or keep silent, those are the two of many common issues that plays along with the ethical considerations and morale of a Whistle Blower. On the other hand, what if you saw fraudulent actions of someone, should you speak or keep quiet? What if the person doing the fraudulent actions was a friend or a high ranking official, should you speak or keep silent, these and many others are the complex situations that could happen within a business organization. Whistle blowing, which seems to become increasingly common as employees speak out about ethical concerns or illegal practices in the work place to the public or to authorities. “There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that
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In a way they are heroes, they expose the unethical or illegal activities in the business despite knowing that they will be going up against their employers and business organizations that have the means to hire the best legal staff to defend these allegations of wrong doing. They are heroes because they know that the information they are disclosing could put their careers in jeopardy so that the truth can be told. Furthermore, they are heroes because they want to correct the unethical or illegal activity so to protect the company against the actions of its directors and officers who are responsible and save the business from eventual downfall. In the New England Journal of Medicine published a study “90% of health care fraud cases are … actions in which whistle-blowers with direct knowledge of the alleged fraud initiate the litigation’ (Kesselheim et al. 2010, p. 1832). Famous whistle blowers, such as Erin Brockovitch are considered public heroes for exposing environmental issues that later were cleaned up. Other whistleblowers, like Ralph Nader, have been influential in the most significant safety regulations in our country. There is no doubt that our country owes a debt of gratitude to those who risk physical security for the sake of our health and safety. Recognizing whistleblowing’s usefulness, legislators have made whistle

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