Essay on Where 's Your Son?

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Where 's your son?

Don 't tell me he 's still staying at the Mdletshes.

And you, Mxolisi? When will you finally accept that you 're a Mdletshe, and go live with them?

Now I 'm going to be a father...

and my lineage has become important to me.

I 'm sorry. Sorry.

I 'd be dead.

I owe you.
Whatever you need, just name it.

The only thing I need is for you to get some counselling.

You clearly have a lot of baggage.

- What...
- Don 't act stupid!

Everyone saw you kissing Sibahle!

- Smangele, I can explain.
- What 's there to explain? That you still love her?

Amen, Beloved Ones!

- Hallelujah!
- Amen!

Please be seated.

Beloved Ones, I wish you could see my heart.

I feel so much joy in my heart right now.

Ever since Pastor Mdletshe came back...

our church hasn 't been the same.
Please give him a round of applause.

Beloved Ones, we know our beloved Pastor Mdletshe...

is not one to accept things as they are.

He likes to shake things up a little.

With that being said, our constitution...

is about to change.

At our last board meeting...

we decide give you a chance to make suggestions...

about the changes you 'd like to see happen.

- Hallelujah!
- Amen!

- The church service was beautiful today!
- Amen!

Thank you.

Thank you. Travel safely.

- May God bless you this week.
- Hallelujah!

Excuse me, Beloved Ones!

Please don 't leave just yet.

I have a...

I have an announcement that I 'd...

like to make.

I know you 're…

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