Where Is Our Food Coming From? Essay

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Where Is Our Food Coming From?
We eat food every day. Eating food is a basic need for life. With all the labels and numbers and lists we think we know what we are putting into our bodies. But we only know what the food industry wants us to know. Behind the veil, there is a whole different picture than what that happy family farm on the package looks like. Since the food system has become more industrialized the animals that are raised for food are mistreated and abused, the crops are all company run, and the food has become unhealthy and dangerous for consumers. It is very important how we take care of our bodies. The food we eat has a major impact on our health, physically and mentally. More importantly, the source of our food has a major impact on our health. Most of the time, someone who is buying a cheeseburger does not question where the meat came from, how the cheese was processed, where the lettuce grew; they’re just thinking about eating the cheeseburger. It is almost necessary these days to question where our food come from and how it was handled and processed before getting to our mouths. A parent does not want to feed their child unhealthy or contaminated food. People also do not want to spend their money on food that is not ideal for their consumption. If more people realize where their food is coming from, how the animals and treated, what the facilities look like, and how food is processed healthier choices would be made and changes would occur in the food…

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