Where Do Morals Stand? The Legal System? Essay

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Where Do Morals Stand in The Legal System? Death is a sensitive subject but needs to be talked about when the person being killed was an option under the state. Capital punishment can seem merely against the right of the eighth amendment that protects citizens from cruel and unusual punishment but, is it okay to get away with murder? The death penalty has been a questionable law for years due to mishaps but is not enforced by the federal government. In discussions of the death penalty, a controversial issue is whether the death penalty should be abolished or reinforced. While some argue that capital punishment sometimes makes mistakes by executing the wrong person, others contend that implementing it will lead to a decrease in murder rates. For instance, a CNN Legal Analyst, Philip Holloway published “Time to Question Sanity of Death Penalty” in 2015, on CNN.com, he states vividly that capital punishment in unethical and ineffective. Holloway enforces his statement with statistics that implement that death row is injustice because people that may have been innocent were killed “there have been 154 verified cases of death row exonerations since 1973” (Holloway par.7). To support Holloway’s claim, Pema Levy, a Washington Correspondent for Newsweek published “One in 25 Sentenced To Death in The U.S. Is Innocent, Study Claims”, in this article she wrote “more than half of the innocent people sentenced to death in the past 41 years are unaccounted for.” (Levy par.4). In this…

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